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Members of the 114th Aviation Company look at the wreckage of Cobra III, which was shot down on 5 June, 1966. It is amazing that all four crew-members survived the crash. Chopper Crash Photo

20mm Cannon This is a prototype 20mm converted from a WWII German 20mm cannon. The Cobra Platoon experimented with several weapons systems which they designed themselves.


This is typical echelon-left formation flying for the Cobra Platoon. The object that can be seen in the upper right corner of the photo is the pilot's gun/rocket sight mounted in front of the right seat. The Flight Formation


VC Officers This is a photograph of Viet Cong Officers that were killed on 20 December, 1965, near Moc Hoa. The photo was found in their personal effects. The Walthers P-38 worn by the officer in front was taken from his body shortly after he died.


Lt Jones and Specialist Anderson, his door gunner, run to the rescue helicopter while being fired upon by Viet Cong who are dug-in inside the tree line to their left rear. Their aircraft was shot down on Easter Sunday morning while helping defend a Special Forces outpost. Bailey & Gunner Dodge Bullets


Captured Medical Supplies These medical supplies were captured on Easter Sunday morning by Special Forces "B" Team Commander at Moc Hoa, Major Bill Yantis, shortly before his units were airlifted in to LZ's in front of the cornered Viet Cong battalions. He and Lt Jones' crew killed several Viet Cong who were hiding near the sanpans where the supplies were found.


These weapons were captured by US Special Forces trained “Strikers” working with the “B-41” Team at Moc Hoa. They had been airlifted by helicopters from the 114th Avn Co. Captured VC Weapons


Dead Viet Cong Soldier The body of the 261st Viet Cong Main Force Bn Commander was discovered where he died on Easter Sunday morning. He along with over 250 other members of his battalion were killed by helicopters of the “Cobra” platoon and US and VN Special Forces soldiers


This 20mm machine gun was converted from a US Air force F-100 and modified by Warrant Officer Elmer Stimac to fire at a slower rate by using a vehicle ignition distributor Floor Mount 20mm Cannon


Making Ice Cream Members of the “Cobra” platoon make ice cream on the “Cobra” patio, This was a rare treat for troops in the Mekong Delta.


Warrant Officer Dean Moorehouse, member of the “Cobra” platoon torments members of one of our sister company’s gun platoon ,the “Vikings,” with a beret and cardboard horns he just fabricated from a “C” ration box. Commanders had to intervene in order to prevent bloodshed. Viking Moorehouse


Gen. Westmorland Presents Award General Westmoreland, Commander of US Forces in Vietnam, pins Legion of Merit Medal on Warrant Officer Richard Fortenberry, past member of US Army Parachute Team and World Sky Diving Champion.


Major Bill Yantis, Commander of Special Forces Team, B-41 rides into battle in one of their outboard boats. In this particular operation heliborne troops had hemmed a large force of Viet Cong into a river intersection and he was directing the waterborne blocking force which was moving in for the kill. Yantis In Boat

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