W. Bailey Jones was recently inducted into the Order of Saint Michael and the recipient of 62 combat decorations. He served his first tour in Vietnam in 1965 as a member of the Cobra Platoon (Armed UH-1B helicopters), with the 114th Aviation Company at Vinh Long in the Mekong Delta. This book is a daily journal in which he covers all aspects of his tour, from the boredom of standby to the first-hand narrative of being shot at and being shot down on two separate occasions.

Join him for over 900 hours of day and night flying over enemy territory. Witness the action photos of Bailey's downed crew in the process of being rescued while under fire. Read a translation of the captured Viet Cong document naming the guerrilla soldier who shot down Bailey's helicopter and learn what that soldier's reward was.

There are photos of developmental weapons for armed helicopters (Super Snake and King Cobra) and several of formation flights over the Mekong Delta. Of special interest are eight pictures that were taken by Viet Cong and found on their bodies.

The book, includes over 65 photos and illustrations, is 215 pages, soft cover with GBC or Perfect binding. Its index and glossary make this journal a “Must” for collectors and scholars.

If you enjoy real life adventures, top quality photographs and truthful information about the Vietnam War, you need this book!

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Created by Terry A. Dell, White Knight Crewchief 69-70' Republic of Vietnam 
in association with members of the 114th Assault Helicopter Company
 who served May 1963 to February 1972.

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